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With millions of t-shirts for sale both on and off of the web you either have to be very lucky or have a very distinct product for the shopping public to take notice of your designs and buy or recommend your shirts. There are a number of t-shirt ranking sites that are just a Google search away but is now offering a new alternative. As a free service, users may create an account and then post a picture and description of the t-shirt(s) that they want listed. Upon approval, the shirt(s) will appear on the site and can be found via category listing and keyword search. If a visitor clicks on the thumbnail of your design they will be shown a full page description complete with a larger preview image, a link to your website and other select information. To buy, they just click through to your site and make the purchase as they normally would.

The site was just launched in January by Scott Dowell and Scott Hamel of Richmond, Va, and in just 2 months they have over 600 shirts in their listings and appear to be growing every day. If you are looking for another avenue to market your own t-shirts or just looking for cool t-shirts to buy for yourself then looks like a good place to go. For more information head over to their website or read this article from PRWeb.

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