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I apologize that I haven't really updated anything in a while but now that I am temporarily unemployed (long, annoying story) I may have more time on my hands to work on things.

To start off, here's a new-ish shirt design that's pretty simple and has actually been hidden, awaiting a release that never came, until now. It is Ninja In Training - Invisibility. I know the last few releases were all about Ninjas but, what can I say, I was on a ninja kick for a little while back there.The idea behind the shirt is that the text "Ninja in Training" is faded, blurry and missing the "i"s because the wearer (hopefully you who are reading this post) is trying to master the ninja's art of invisibility but hasn't quite got it so they aren't totally invisible. I thought it was funny when I made it so I hope at least one other person out there does too. :-D

So, enjoy the new design and look for more coming soon! Oh yeah, did you notice the change to the store layout? To keep things simple I got rid of the categories and will just put all new designs on one page. That way, you can see everything that's available without trying to figure out if the design you want was in "The Kitchen Sink" or "Popular Culture". New designs will be listed first and, starting with the next release, will have a distinctive look so you'll know which ones are new.

'Till next time, make mine Marvel!

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